Welcome, this is your first port of call for pitching an idea to The History Listen, ABC RN's documentatry program. 

If you'd like to send us an idea for a documentary, please complete the page below, and hit submit.

We're looking for ideas for documentaries which explore:

*Australian and international history

*history which has not been well-documented,  or new interpretations of well-known events in the past

*a sense of narrative, and the imaginative use of sound 

*the use of eyewitness and oral history accounts

*a thorough understanding of the importance of this history in the present-day

*creative use of audio to tell the story: strong interviews, expert historical interpretation, along with compelling writing, location recordings, archives and other primary source documents, music

Have you discovered a skeleton in the family history closet, something which had been kept secret, supressed or silenced for generations, and come to light in recent times?  We are looking for your stories of family secrets revealed, and the consequences of this revelation in your own family, and wider circles.  The tale of your family's secret may also help to shed new light on Australian social history. 

You will need to be willing for your story to be told in the form of a radio program, which will be broadcast on RN, and be available to be interviewed, alongwith other family members, for the program. You will also need  to talk about the sources and other evidence you used, in order to bring the secret out into the open.

 Welcome!  This is your first port of call for pitching an idea to Earshot,  ABC RN’s features and documentary program.

If you’re interested in contributing, click submit and tell us all about it.

We are looking for:

* stories about modern life and creativity.

* new and fresh ideas

* a sense of narrative

* a deep engagement with the people in the program

* creative use of audio to tell the story: compelling writing, location recordings.

*stories of shorter durations 

Please fill out the form as best as you can at this point. If we have any additional questions, we will be in touch, and if we don’t feel your idea is right for Earshot, we'll let you know.

We welcome up to three proposals, per producer, per round. If you have any audio or text to include, please upload at the next step. If you have any questions about submitting, contact us at earshot@your.abc.net.au.