Ends on November 3, 2018


The ABC is looking for radio and podcast drama series from experienced writers who are new to the audio medium. 

Submissions are for audio series of between four to eight episodes, of up to a maximum of 25 minutes duration for each episode.

The call-out is open to writers of fiction, memoir, theatre or screen with little or no experience writing for the audio medium. 

You must be a published writer to submit a work. This  includes works that have been professionally performed, but not self-published works. Please provide a bio and links to your previously published work. 

We are happy to consider adaptations of previous work, although we want to engage with writers looking to create works for the audio medium. This will often mean substantial structural and scripting changes. We are not looking to make straight readings of published works.

Works are commissioned through the Ian Reed Foundation – an independent trust supporting potential and aspiring writers for radio. 

Submissions will be judged by the Ian Reed Foundation committee for their suitability for the current (and potential) RN audience.

The Ian Reed Foundation will support the dramaturgical development and the production of the selected scripts in the ABC’s studios.

If you have any questions, please email  rndrama@abc.net.au 

Deadline: Sunday 4 November